Offers of employment

Project days for class trips, children and youth groups: Key areas:

  • Creative area, funny Olympic Games, medieval festival, school festival, festival for school beginners, Indian party                                      

Do it yourself – it is fun: We support you with your ideas and help you to implement your projects.

Adventure based-learning concept:

Children are lively and they always want to be supported. There are many playing facilities for youth, school children and children up to 6 years, e. g. handicraft work or playing.
Costs: per children and offer 5, 00 €

Open-air swimming pool:

The nearby open-air swimming pool has a big playground, a huge meadow and also a slide in the non-swimmer pool.
Costs: per children 0, 50 € / per adult 1,00 €

The castle Weissensee “Burg Weißensee”:

The castle Weissensee “Burg Weißensee” was established in 1168 by the countess Jutta – often besieged but never conquered. The castle has a 1 square mile inside area and represents the biggest castle of the former landgraves in Thuringia nowadays. It is always possible to visit the outside facilities.

Chinese Garden in Weissensee:

On 20th September ,2011, the Chinese Garden – the „Garden of the eternally happiness” in Weissensee was opened. The garden was planned in 2009 and was built in 2011 and connects the marketplace of Weissensee with the small river “Jordan” between the  yard-“Johanniter” and the lake. The visitors should get a feeling of the Chinese nature, living and garden philosophy.

Hiking to playgrounds in the villages Naussis and Herrnschwende



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